Category: Catholic Poems

A Poem to the Virgin Mary: Queen of the Rosary
August 10, 2014

Queen of the Rosary
by: J. William Fischer
October waits, wrapped in her gleams of light,
In leafy robes of red and shining gold,
Like some high priest with saintly face of old,
To taste his first day-dream, rosy and bright.…

Catholic Poems: Lines Suggested by “The Canticle of the Magnificat”
May 11, 2013

An echo from the hill-top, where, on sweet-scented air,
Arose a psalm prophetic, of gratitude and prayer,
That wafts adown long ages, in whispers soft and low,
The accents of God’s Mother, exulting long ago.
It lends a voice of gladness, to joys of exile years;
It calms the restless spirit, and dries the mourners’ tears.

Catholic Poems: The Dying Sinner
March 21, 2013

The Dying Sinner
“Help!— help me!”‘ What was that?
Oh! whence came that cry?
From yonder death bed : From
A man, doomed to die—
A sinner — and one who
Repents of his crime
But not with true sorrow
“O time -give me time!”
List— Let us listen
Ah what does he say —
He calls upon God
But it is not
To pray.…

Catholic Poems: To the Immaculate Heart of Mary
December 8, 2012

I fain would sing a sweet new song
Thy loving Heart to greet,
I fain would cull the flowers fair,
And lay them at thy feet.
And of the precious virgin-gold
And shining jewels rare,
Would form a royal diadem,
To grace thy forehead fair.…