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Humility makes a man great, while pride makes even angels hateful and odious.   If the devil can trick us into pride under the guise of humility we are in great danger of losing our souls, do not trust what the world says about true humility but rather the the wise and often time witty instructions of the great St Bernard.  St Bernard , Doctor and the last Father of the Church will explain how pride starts and where it ends.

  1. Curiosity.
  2. Levity of Mind and Unseasonable Merriment.
  3. Boastfulness and Eccentricity Conceit.
  4. Audacity and Defense of Wrong Doing.
  5. Bad Confession.
  6. Rebellion,Freedom to Sin, and Habitual Sin.
  7. Should one pray for someone spiritually dead?

Sources: This audiobooks was made from excerpts of: Mills, Barton Reginald Vaughan. Saint Bernard the twelve degrees of humility and pride. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ; 1929. and is in the Public Domain.  The CD cover was designed in part with this picture of St Bernard from a Stained Glass window under an attribution license

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  1. Danny Diab says:

    An instant alleluia audio books classic! Thank you for making Saint Bernard’s wisdom and guidance so readily available.

    Saint Bernard, pray for us
    Mary Queen of Heaven, pray for us
    Thanks be to God always

  2. jerome says:

    thanks for this nice book. Praise be to the heavens, Praise to God.

    All the Saints, pray for us!

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