Saint Kateri Part 11 : Saint Kateri’s Final Illness and Death

Lily Tombstone

and he that hateth his life in this world, keepeth it unto life eternal. John 12:25

Her Happiness is in the Cross
Saint Kateri’s illness and holy death and apparitions of her after her death. 

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Reflection on the Chapter :   What earthly pleasure could make Saint Kateri want to remain here on earth.  You have heard dear listener  in the last chapters of her brutal scourgings, poverty, fasts,  intense life of prayer, and withdrawal from the company of people save in charity or spiritual friendship.

Worldly pleasures tend not to make the Saints of God want to stay here.  However the Saints love of Gods adorable Will and the thought of being a servant here on earth, to  know, love, and suffer for Him brings them some consolation in this valley of tears.  What a heavenly bliss to go to ones death after a life of serving God with love and great constancy.

This is the last chapter of the our Catholic Audiobook Saint Kateri The Lily at the Foot of the Cross.  We hope that: it has inspired you to serve Jesus Christ with greater zeal and love, inclined your heart to pray to this friend of God for your needs, equipped you to defend this Saint from false statements,  filled your mind with practical resolutions to imitate the virtues of this Saint and to cling more closely to the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ.

May God Bless you for listening and may Saint Kateri Tekakwitha become your friend and intercessor!

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2 Responses to Saint Kateri Part 11 : Saint Kateri’s Final Illness and Death

  1. Dana Cash says:

    God bless you for bringing the true Saint Kateri to light! I know you probably get a million suggestions for other saints to do, so these are just ones I recommend if you need any ideas:
    *St. Philomena: so little is known about her and there is much confusion about her official status
    *St. Francis: he, like St. Kateri, gets misrepresented
    *St. Joan of Arc: she’s been so sensationalized that the actual truth of her life can get easily obscured.
    There are probably more, but these were the ones which I’d like to eventually see you tackle, if you wish. God bless you and this holy endeavor!

    • I appreciate the suggestions and I think all of them are really good ideas. I probably will try to do St Joan of Arc first. For St Francis I probably will do a very large project spread out over several years (separate projects for his conversion, founding an order and his period as a hermit).

      I have found at least one source in the public domain for St. Philomena and will most likely do her project when I can organize a few parishes to have public veneration of a relic of her that I am a custodian of.

      God Bless you for your feedback!

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