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The True Story of the Sword in the Stone: St. Galgano
December 2, 2014

Click Here to Download: The True Story of the Sword in the Stone: The Life of St. Galgano

Audiobook is 60:57 in length
The Sword in the Stone is real and you have to hear its amazing story!  St. Galgano was a Knight in Tuscany who lived a very worldly and sinful life, through a series of visions from St Micheal the Archangel he reformed his life, but when he started to lapse and despaired of his salvation he said “Ah, but I could more easily plunge my sword into this stone, than obtain forgiveness for my many sins” at that he thrust his sword into the rock up and it entered like a knife through butter.

The Desert Fathers: Audiobooks, Sayings, Articles
November 25, 2012

What can we Learn from the Desert Fathers today?
We can learn what the Apostle of Rome learned. St Philip lived over 1000 years from the time of St Anthony the Great and St Paul of Thebes, yet in his cassock he always carried a copy of the writings of the Desert Fathers.[2] St Philip Neri, shortly before the feast of Pentecost, received the Holy Ghost in a superabundance (as a globe of fire) that enlarged his heart so much it physically broke his ribs and as his ribs healed to account for his oversized heart they formed a permanent arch.[1]
We can say that the Desert Fathers were an example to this great Saint whose heart literally burned with love for Jesus.