Catholic Audiobook: The Holy Rosary Remedy Against Modern Evils

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Increase your devotion to the Holy Rosary by listening to these Papal Encyclicals detailing how the Rosary is a heavenly remedy to various modern evils by Pope Leo XIII, who is called the Rosary Pope for his intense devotion and promotion to the Rosary.

Pope Leo XIII wrote eleven encyclicals on the Holy Rosary as Pope during his reign from 1878-1903.  His promoted the Rosary in many ways: he dedicated the entire month of October to the Holy Rosary, in 1883 he instituted the Feast of Queen of the Holy Rosary, he pushed for establishment of Rosary Confraternities, endowed the Rosary with indulgences, and pushed orders such as the secular Franciscans to the daily recitation of the rosary to be part of their prayer rule.

Alleluia Audiobooks has selected three of his encyclicals: LAETITIAE SANCTAE, ADIUTRICEM, IUCUNDA SEMPER EXPECTATIONE, on the Holy Rosary for our Catholic Audiobook: The Holy Rosary Remedy for Modern Evils.  Latitiae sanctae discuss the rosary as a remedy for the three evils afflicting modern man: A Hatred for a Humble Life, A disdain for all suffering, forgetfulness of the future life. Adiutricem discusses the Rosary as a means of Christian unity throughout the whole world and a great hope for the reunion of those who have come estranged from the Church through schism.  Iucunda Semper Expectatione discusses the great hope that we should have in our Blessed Mother Mary, mediatrix of grace.

We hope that you find this Audiobook helpful to your devotion to the Holy Rosary and encourages you to use this weapon of heaven as an effective remedy against all the world, the flesh and the devil.


All of these writings are full encyclicals from Pope Leo XIII and having been published before 1923, they are in the public domain.

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