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How powerful are the angels?  When were they created?  Why did some Angels choose to serve God and others fell?  How do Angels talk?  Did Angels feel any inclination to sin?  These questions and many more are answered  in this audiobook.   Father O’Kennedy uses sacred scripture, the Saints, Doctors and theologians to explain these and many other questions about the Angels.  The listener will be astounded at the Power of God in  magnificence of the Angels.

” It was the action of the will of the holy angels, that while their companions with their own free-will fell, they themselves remained in the dignity wherein God had placed them ; and hence it came to pass, by a divine and a most just judgment, that what was only up to that a holy desire of remaining with their God, became thereafter a voluntary and most blessed necessity of remaining with Him for ever more “  Saint Prosper


All of these readings are excerpts from The Holy Angels by Father R O’Kennedy , published in 1887 is in the public domain.    The picture of  the Angel on the Disc is from this picture with an attribution license.

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