Catholic Audiobook: The Betrayel Of Judas and The Denial of Peter

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Both St. Peter and Judas sinned during the Passion of Christ:  Judas by his betrayal and St. Peter by his three-fold denial. Both sinned, both felt remorse but only one was forgiven learn about these events in sacred history in detail so to avoid the damnation and despair of Judas and embrace the tearful repentance of St. Peter.

Learn about

  • The Agony in the Garden in Detail.
  • Judas’s long fall into becoming the traitor of all time.
  • How Judas started as a fervent disciple and then Apostle.
  • Why Peter was able to repent but Judas was not.
  • How we can betray Christ just as bad if not worst than Judas did.
  • How quickly was St. Peter restored to grace after his fall.
  • Did St. Peter ever forgive himself for his denial of Christ?
  • What faults led to St. Peter’s denial of Christ.
  • And much more!




All of these readings are from Phases of the Sacred Passion published in 1909 and are in the public domain.

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