Catholic Homilies: Seeking the Infant Jesus


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Some Homilies from Father Thomas A Kempis, the venerable author of the Imitation of Christ, on the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis is the largest read devotional book in the world next to the bible, and no book has been translated into more languages than the Imitation of Christ.

In these homilies on Christmas you will learn a holy and unique perspective from one of the greatest Catholic writers who have ever lived.

  1. The Desire of the Prophets for the Coming of Christ.
  2. Of the Meeting of the Heavenly King.
  3. Of the Feasts of the Soul.
  4. Of Seeking the Infant Jesus.
  5. The Devout Visiting of the New Born Jesus.
  6. Of Abiding near the Venerable Crib of Christ.
  7. To the Blessed Virgin that she show us Her Son Jesus.
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Sources: This audiobook is a recording of Homilies from The Works of Thomas A Kempis Vol IV translated by Dom Vincent Scully and is in the Public domain.    The CD covers was designed with the following images from wikipedia commons:

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