Catholic Poems: The Dying Sinner

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  1. The Dying Sinner

The Dying Sinner

“Help!— help me!”‘ What was that?
Oh! whence came that cry?
From yonder death bed : From
A man, doomed to die—
A sinner — and one who
Repents of his crime
But not with true sorrow
“O time -give me time!”

List— Let us listen
Ah what does he say —
He calls upon God
But it is not
To pray.
Remorse — ’tis remorse,
Not repentance sincere;
He shrinks from God’s judgement
Ah! well may he fear.

“Help! help me! I’m lost.”
Still rings out that wild cry-
“Away with those demons-
Do not let me die.
See, taunting and mocking
They stand all around :
Oh! save me from hearing
That horrible sound.”

The friend of the dying—
The priest -hastens there-
With sweet words of mercy
With love, hope, and prayer-
‘”I’m dying, and there is
No mercy for me
Or from these dread visions
I would be set free.”

The badge of our Lady-
He flings far away —
“I forgot her for years —
Why invoke her to-day!”
One moment”s true sorrow
Would cancel his crime.
And the merciful Saviour
Gave more than that time.

But though mercy Incarnate
To man— God is just.
And this obdurate sinner
Alas! must be thrust
Into hell— into tortures
That never will end,
Where darkness and fire
Together will blend.

Take warning, Oh! sinners
From his dreadful fate,
And call upon Mary—
Before ’tis too late.
Sure refuge of sinners
And Mother most dear.
Our Lady of Carmel,
Protect us whilst here!

The Carmelite Review, October 1894, pg 234.

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