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Saint Bernard the Wonderworker: Part 5 Miracles at Christmastide
September 8, 2013

Saint Bernard the Wonderworker : Miracles at Christmastide

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Shortly after, St. Bernard left Constance, with the same companions who had attended him thither, except Bishop Hermann, who gave his place to a holy priest, named Wolkemar.

Short Catholic Homilies for Epiphany: Following God’s Guidance
January 6, 2013

Catholic Homily For Epiphany: Following God’s Guidance

Summary of Homily
This homily explains how to become like little Children in our relationship with God.  It explains how prayer is the means of spending time with God, listening to his every word in the depths of our heart in silence, the holy scriptures and the councils of the Saints and perfected, the importance of behaving in the same manner that God does, and obedience to our lawful superiors.