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Our Lord Jesus Christ said “Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect. ” Matt 5:48.  This small work was written to help you dear Christian obtain perfection.  It explains what is the nature of perfection and how to obtain it.  Dom. Lorenzo Scupoli was a master of the spirtual life trusted by such preeminent Saints as St. Frances De Sales.  Dom. Lorenzo will explain:

  • What is needful for a soldier of Christ
  • What is helpful to the human will.
  • How to Pray and Meditate.
  • How to prepare for communion.
  • How to prepare for confession.
  • Developing a pure heart.
  • How to examine ones conscience.
  • How to live in peace.

“The sinner, as he continues in sin, has less power to turn to God every day, both because of the evil habit which gradually becomes natural to him, and from an increasing indisposition for receiving the grace of conversion ; also, by disdaining God through the great impiety of cleaving as long as possible to the creature, and then at the last gasp, or at least late in life, giving himself to God, out of self-interest, he forfeits the help which he will stand in need of “  Dom. Lorenzo Scupoli


This is a complete reading of The Supplement to the Spiritual Combat in the public domain taken from this work.    The picture of  the Praying Knight on the Disc is from this wikipedia commons with an attribution license.

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