St. Kateri Tekakwitha Quotes

A Potrait of St. Kateri, gives us a good idea of what she really looked like.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha was a Mohawk convert to Catholicism. Her natural disposition inclined her to be shy and to not speak much. She was instructed in her Catechism orally, with pictures and with hymns as most of the Indians were at that time.  The faithful do not have any writings or journals like we do from many other Saints to provide us with lots of quotable material.

Providentially, the Jesuit missionaries did record certain quotes of things she said and later gathered testimony from her friends, these statements are beneficial and quite edifying.

Please take a look at Audiobook on the Life of St. Kateri , or her biography, where you will find out more about her. It is very frustrating that so many quotes attributed on the Internet today are inaccurate, so we have provided the sources for these quotes on the bottom of the page with page number.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Quotes :

“Who will teach me what is most pleasing to God, that I may do it?” [1]

“Despise the discourse of those who have no faith.” [2]
Editors take on this remark: This is a condemnation of idle talk and an exhortation to speak of Godly things with Godly people. It is not a condemnation of evangelization nor of the kindness that should be shown to all men.

“Never give up mortification.” [3]

“My Jesus, I must risk everything with You. I love You, but I have offended You. It is to satisfy Your justice that I am here. Discharge upon me, O my God, discharge upon me Your wrath.” [4]

“I am going to die. Remember always what we have done together since we knew one another. If you change, I will accuse you before the judgment-seat of God.” [5]

“The poverty I am threatened with does not scare me, because so little is needed to give to the necessities of this miserable life and my labor could provide for it and I could always find some rags to cover me.” [6]

“I can have no other spouse, but Jesus Christ. I have considered myself content to live in poverty and misery for His love.”[7]

“I have abandoned this miserable body to hunger and any other misery so my soul could be content and have its usual nourishment.”[8]

Apparitions of her after death

To Her Spiritual Mother Anastasia
“Mother, look at this cross; oh! how beautiful it is! It has been my whole happiness during my life, and I advise you also to make it yours.” [11]

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