Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Part 10: The Penitent

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9:23

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Reflection on Chapter: Will you recoil in terror at this chapter?  The bodily penances that Saint Kateri Tekakwitha practiced were truly heroic and it is in the virtue of penance that she stands out among the Saints and servants of God.

When we consider the eternal suffering of Hell, or the flames of Purgatory her bodily mortifications are as nothing.  What makes her penances so admirable was the love for which she endured them and offered them to Jesus Christ in reparation for her sins and no doubt for the benefit of her neighbor.

Was her love then excessive?  If her love was then we cans say she such excess from the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life up for us in such a manner as death on a cross, in tremendous torment and humiliation.

May we bear the sufferings that Jesus Christ sends us with a patient spirit, and use them to remind us of his sweet love for us on the Cross where he died for us that we might have eternal life.

Saint Kateri pray for us that we might embrace the cross and do penance with a pure heart!

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