Saint Kateri Tekakwitha : The Lily at the Foot of the Cross Part 9

In me, O God, are vows to thee, * which I will pay, praises to thee: Psalm 55:12

A True Spouse of Jesus Christ

Saint Kateri meets some nuns and plans to start her own convent.  When the convent idea is not able to work, she persists in asking to take a vow of virginity. 

Reflections on Chapter: After taking her vow of perpetual virginity Saint Kateri finally feels free.   Vows give a person a sense of freedom because they bind a person to pursue a specific goal with full vigor.

How can a person be too faithful to their spouse?  Society operates on trust and expectations.  Is not a vow the most solemn form of a commitment? To break a vow not only injures the individual, but all of society.  So a vow gives a person a sense of protection within their duties and/or commitment.  A woman who has a lousy husband who keeps her wedding vow does not need to defend her choice, nor does the virgin who withdraws from the company of men to avoid all temptation.

That is the way it is suppose to be in a society that is governed by at least the natural law.  However, as hatred arises for any form of suffering or patience, vows come under attack, are broken quickly, or are not given any respect.  May all Christians be strengthened in the keeping of their vows till death.

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