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St. Cecilia was so pure that she had the privilege of seeing her guardian angel.  Through her marriage and witness to the Catholic religion she converted her husband who also shared in the ability to see the angel which protected her virginity. Both her and her husband went on to do it great things for the Church before their martyrdom’s including converting over 400 people.

This Catholic Audiobook is based on the scholarly work of Servant of God Dom. Prosper Gueranger, the great author of The Liturgical year, who also wrote over a 400 page book translating the Acts of St Cecilia, a history of devotion to her, and a defense of the veracity and accuracy of the original acts.  Anyone who is inclined to doubt the story should consider consulting his larger work for his defense of it, and should keep in mind that his body is incorrupt and that his scholarship is greatly respected.

St. Cecilia is also the patroness of musicians.  In the Audiobook at her wedding this is said “During the concert, Cecilia sang also in her heart to the Lord.”  That is the only connection that is directly made between music and St Cecilia.  A small statement, but worthy of deeper consideration.  She was at a pagan wedding celebration and despite the music not being aimed at Gods glory, she never the less had her heart lifted to God by it and still used its melody to glorify God.  When defending her against a critic who attacked the fact that she had never “performed upon any musical instrument”, Dom. Prosper Gueranger replied that the critic: “understood nothing of that melody of the soul which ascends to the Divine fountain of all harmony, and sings to its Creator, even amidst the profane concerts of earth.”

St. Cecilia, pray for us!

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These Excerpts of the Acts of St Cecilia Include:

  • St Cecilia’s Childhood and Engagement.
  • St Cecilia’s Marriage.
  • The Conversion of St. Cecilia’s Husband Valerian.
  • The Conversion of Tiburtius.
  • Valerian and Tiburtius are Arrested.
  • The Interrogation and Torture of Valerian.
  • The Martyrdom of Valerian and Tibertius.
  • The Martyrdom of Maximus and Cecilia Converts Multitudes.
  • The Interrogation of St. Cecilia.
  • The Martyrdom of St. Cecilia.

Sources: This audiobooks was made from excerpts of: The Life of Saint Cecilia published in America in 1866, translated from the French of Dom. Prosper Gueranger and is in the public domain.  The CD cover was designed with this picture of a stained glass window of St. Cecilia under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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