Saint Cecilia Quotes

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  1. “The power of man is like a bladder inflated with wind.  Let but a needle pierce the bladder, it will immediately collapse”  St. Cecilia
  2. “Better die and be happy, than live and be miserable.  You wish us to pronounce a lie; but in speaking the truth, we inflict much greater and more cruel torture upon you than that which you make us suffer”  St. Cecilia
  3. “Christ alone can save from death, and deliver the guilty from Eternal Fire”  St. Cecilia
  4. “death and hell combine to distract man with a thousand useless cares, and to engage his thoughts with a multitude of imaginary wants.”  St. Cecilia
  5. “To die for Christ is not to sacrifice one’s youth, but to renew it;”  St. Cecilia
  6. “I am only too happy to suffer all kinds of torments for the confession of Jesus Christ” St. Cecilia

Source: These quotes were taken from: The Life of Saint Cecilia published in America in 1866, translated from the French of Dom. Prosper Gueranger and is in the public domain.

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