Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: The Lily at the Foot of the Cross Part 6

“what fellowship hath light with darkness” 2 Cor 6:14

A Journey and a new Companion

Her escape with Hot Ashes; arrival at the Iroquois colony, and introduction to the Priests there. A spiritual friend, Anastasia, and her growth in holiness.

May God Bless those friends that he puts in our path that help us grow in holiness.  Saint Kateri in this chapter makes friends with an elder Indian who is wise in the ways of holiness.  Saint Kateri clings by her side, rosary in hand listening to her councils on perfection.

The more exquisite the virtues are, which shall be the matter of your communications, the more perfect shall your friendship also ;be. If this communication be in the sciences, the .friendship is very commendable ; but still more so,’ if it be in the moral virtues : in. prudence, discretion, fortitude and justice. But should your reciprocal communications relate to charity, devotion and Christian perfection, good God, how precious will this friendship be! It will be excellent, because it comes from God; excellent, because it tends to God;  St Frances De Sales, Quoted From The Spiritual Life by Father Tanquerey

May God strengthen all holy friendships!

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