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A Catholic in mortal sin can be saved without confession and absolution, but he cannot be saved without contrition.  God is abounding in mercy, but without supernatural sorrow for our sins we cannot be forgiven of our sins.  In this audiobook which is the collection of two works “Contrition” by Father O’Keefe and “Perfect Contrition: the Golden Key of Heaven” by Father J. von den Driesch you will learn:

  1. What contrition is and how do we know if we are truly contrite.
  2. The difference between a good and bad confession.
  3. What the difference between imperfect and perfect contrition is.
  4. How to obtain perfect contrition.
  5. Is it difficult to make a perfect act of contrition.
  6. How soon do we have to go to confession if we make a perfect act of contrition.

Our Friends at Audiosancto also have great homilies on the topics of penance and contrition, including this one on perfect contrition which uses “Perfect Contrition: the Golden Key of Heaven” as one of the primary sources.  Be sure to check it out.


Sources: This audiobook uses a chapter from Catholic Oratory: A Compilation of Sacred and Sublime Orations and is in the Public domain. Perfect Contrition: the Golden Key of Heaven was originally published in 1904 and translated by Father Thomas J Slater SJ and is in the public domain.   The CD covers was designed with the following images from wikipedia commons and is used with an attribution license:



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