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Seek Ye First the Kingdom The Life of St Celestine V: Part 8 The Death of St Celestine V
May 28, 2013

Pope St Celestine V: His Holy Death

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Chapter Summary
After a long life of Penance St Celestine passes to his eternal reward. An apparition of a mysterious Golden Cross appears in front of the Room of St Celestine from the day before his death until the hour of his passing that is seen by numerous witnesses.  

Catholic Poems: The Dying Sinner
March 21, 2013

The Dying Sinner
“Help!— help me!”‘ What was that?
Oh! whence came that cry?
From yonder death bed : From
A man, doomed to die—
A sinner — and one who
Repents of his crime
But not with true sorrow
“O time -give me time!”
List— Let us listen
Ah what does he say —
He calls upon God
But it is not
To pray.

Short Catholic Homilies: The Value of Time
October 14, 2012

We have no time to waste!
“Brethren, some day we shall want all this time that we are now wasting. Then it will stand out before us in its true value; we shall see that it should have been redeemed, and that it is now irredeemable.”  Transcript…
Being “busy” and redeeming the time can be two separate things.