Audiobook: The Great Advent Homilies of St Bernard of Clairvaux

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Homilies for Advent of St Bernard

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St Bernard of Clairvaux is considered the last father of the Church and is called the Doctor Mellifluus, or the honey doctor,  because his Praise of Jesus Christ flowed like honey.  Hear some of his famous Advent Homilies recorded now on Audiobook to help prepare your heart for Christmas.

St Bernard instructs us on: Why God the Son and not God the Father or the Holy Spirit became Incarnate? How humility is the most necessary virtue and is to preferred to virginity.  How St Joseph never expected Mary of adultery or impurity in any way when he found out that she was with child and was thinking of ending their engagement.  Why did God choose to have St Joseph as the husband of Mary and guardian of the Christ Child?  You will also hear St Bernards famous soliloquy on Mary being the Star of the Sea.

If you begin to sink in the gulf of melancholy and despair, think on Mary. In dangers, in distress, in perplexities, think on Mary, call on Mary. Let her not depart from your lips, let her not depart from your heart, and, that you may win the suffrage of her prayers, never depart from the example of her life. Following her, you will never go astray. St Bernard of Clairvaux

If you are interested in hearing more about St Bernard of Clairvaux we have another Audiobook on the many miracles he worked during his life here and you can find information on doing a novena to this great Saint here


Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint. Sermons of St. Bernard on Advent and Christmas : including the famous treatise on the incarnation called “Missus est”. London: R.T. Washbourne, 1909.

All of these writings have been published before 1923 and are in the public domain.

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