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This Audiobook explains why Christians need to make reparation for to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Reparation for our own sins and the sins of mankind.  Will you listen to learn to console our Lord?

Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Who is willing to suffer for the love of Jesus Christ?   If our Lord walked the earth, would you be willing to stand between Him and a bullet?  Perhaps you would be willing to defend Him if He was attacked by robbers, or speak in His defense if He was on trial?  If He was in need of a blood transfusion, no doubt you might be the first in line to give it to our Lord.

Our Lord does desire us to truly use our body as His shield, our courage in His defense, and our blood to “give Him life”.  He wants our tears of compassion and our voices raised in praise and thanksgiving to His goodness in reparation for those who curse and blaspheme Him.  Being God, our Savior does not “need” anything. It is true that He accomplished the work of our salvation on the Cross, but He chose to leave something wanting in His sufferings when He could have accomplished it alone:

“Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you, and I fill up in my physical body–for the sake of His body, the church–what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ.” Col 1:24

He does not need us to add to His merits, but He wills to make use of us that He may increase ours.   It is the duty of every Christian to make reparation because our Lord has willed it so.

In this free Catholic audiobook, “Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus”, we learn of the need for reparation, how Christ made reparation for us, how and why our Lord wishes for us to make reparation, how the need is more pressing than ever, and how reparation is in our self interest, as well as an obligation of Love.  This audio-book is an abridgment of “The Ideal of Reparation,” a great book on reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, published shortly after WWI, but who’s message is even more urgent today than it was then.  We have abridged the book because of its length, editing out certain sections that were directed mainly at religious and priests, and other sections which would have appealed more to a French reader after WWI than today.

Our Lord was comforted by an Angel in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Surely, when all the sins of the world where being put onto His sacred flesh, including yours and mine, Christ was filled with love and pity for us.   There is a need today for more people to come to our Lord in the garden as angels of consolation, to console Him in the work of our redemption.

All for Thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus!

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  1. Reparation is a Fundamental Obligation of Christianity.
  2. How Did Christ Make Reparation?
  3. Our Lord Wishes us to make reparation.
  4. Revelations and Reparation.
  5. Reparation, an Actual Demand of Today.
  6. Christians and Reparation.
  7. Reparation for the Sake of Love.

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The Audiobook is an abridgement of the great book “The Ideal of Reparation” By Father Raoul Plus SJ Published 1921, by London Burns and Oats.

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