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Do you know just how important the Fathers of the Church are?  If you do have you ever learned the rules for referencing the Fathers of the Church, using them well, what some of their most important writings are?  The value of the Fathers is clearly taught in this very informative Audiobook, and is a great key to understanding not only the Fathers but the whole of sacred literature which still references the writings of the Fathers to this very day.  This CD is about 72 minutes in length.

Learn about these important topics:

  • The difference between writers, fathers, and doctors.
  • The Authority of the Fathers as a Group.
  • The Authority of Single Fathers.
  • Their Authority on different aspects of theology.
  • How to use the Fathers?
  • What are some selections of Father most prudent to read.
  • How can we read and study the fathers profitabley
  • How to understand the Vinectian Canon : That our Faith we hold should have been believed everywhere [ubique], always [semper], and by all [ab omnibus]. in a Catholic way.

Sources: This audiobooks was made from excerpts of: A Manual of Patrology  published in 1899, and is in the public domain and also The Blessed Virgin in the Fathers of the First Six Centuries published in 1893.  Some minor additions and alterations have been made (such as including a list of the Saints made doctors since this book was written).   The CD cover was designed with this picture of two fathers under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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