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Alleluia Audiobooks does not sell our audiobooks, they are free to download, make copies of, and distribute (please do not alter the original audio).  We distribute our audiobooks on CD for free at Catholic Parishes and Catholic Events when we are able to due to the generosity of donors and the efforts of deeply committed volunteers.  We became recognized as a Non Profit by the IRS and now wish to  start offering our Audiobooks on CD for free as well on the Internet.  Donors who make reaccuring donations receive a new disc every month as a token of gratitude for their committed support to our mission.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us with our mission and pay for the production and shipping of our Audiobooks.  If you make a donation to paypal and want the Fathers Homilies sent to you just include in the Comment Box “Fathers” and I will send it to the address associated with the Paypal account.

Your total amount is : 0.00 (Currency: USD)

If you would like to request the Homilies of the Fathers on CD (playable in all CD Players) without making any donation, or wish to send it to a different address not associated with the paypal account please fill out this form.


About Alleluia Audio

Alleluia Audiobooks is an apostolate dedicated to the distribution of Catholic Material. It is recognized as a non profit corporation 501(c)3 and is entirely the effort of Catholic volunteers.

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