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St. Bonaventure, the Seraphic Doctor, and also called the “Second Founder” of the Fransican order offers this brief work on the way of holiness. Written at the request and for Blessed Isabella a Poor Clare and friend of Bonaventure (who was the sister of St. Louis King of France) it is a brief, but complete treatise on ascetical and mystical theology.  Wit and charm abound in the work, such is the chapter where Bonaventure discusses chattering nuns and so is the seriousness of devotion in the Chapters on the passion of Christ.  Most notably is how down to earth the work is, both in being comprehensible and practical which makes it excellent reading for both religious and laity.


“Indeed, at times, more than the very wold itself its worth may be gained by one hour of prayer.  By one little devout prayer it is possible for a man to gain Heaven.” St Bonaventura, Holiness of Life, The Practice of Prayer


All of these readings are from  Holiness of Life  being St. Bonaventure’s Treatise De Perfectione Vitae ad Sorores translated by Laurence Costello O.F.M , published in 1923 and is in the public domain.  Image in the audioplayer is under an attribution license.

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