Catholic Homilies: St. John Damascenes Homilies on the Assumption

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St. John Damascene, the 8th century Doctor of the Church known for his defense of venerating holy images against the Iconoclasts wrote a series of homilies on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  These homilies are a wonderful combination of both praise of the Virgin and theology concerning her person.  These homilies are not limited to being useful for the Feast of the Assumption, but expound greatly upon the human and divine nature of Christ, Mary’s Perpetual Virginity, her being totally immaculate, why the Virgin Mary died even if she was free from sin, and contain many delightful parables to explain the importance of praising her.

Hail, predestined Mother of God.  Hail, thou chosen one in design of God from all eternity, most sacred hope of earth, resting-place of divine fire, holiest delight of the Spirit, fountain of living water, paradise of the tree of life, divine vine-branch, bring forth soul-sustaining nectar and ambrosia. St John Damascene, Homily 3


All of these readings are from  St John Damascene on holy Images: followed by three sermons on the Assumption  translated by Mary Allies , published in 1898 is in the public domain.    The picture of Our Lady on the Disc is from this picture with an attribution license.

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