Catholic Audiobook: The St. Benedicts Medal

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The St. Benedict’s Medal is one of the most common and honored medals due to its immense power against evil spirits and the devil!  The powerful invocation of the Holy Cross and St. Benedict has performed a multitude of miracles for centuries going back to the time of St. Benedict himself. Learn about the history of the Miraculous Medal of St. Benedict, its design, and the numerous miracles associated with it, so that you might use this powerful sacramental to great effect against the snares of the devil, illness, and temptations.

May the Holy Cross be my light! May the Dragon Never be my guide. St Benedict’s Medal Inscription



All of these readings are from excerpts of The Medal or Cross of St. Benedict: Its Origin, Meaning and Privileges  by Dom. Prosper Gueranger OSB, published in 1880 is in the public domain.  For the sake of interest and time major excerpts have been selected, and some antiquated terminology has been updated.  The picture of St Benedict in the player is from this picture with an attribution license.

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