Catholic Audiobook: Seek Ye First the Kingdom The Life of St. Celestine V

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  1. Why St Celestine V
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Pope St Celestine V was the last pope before Pope Benedict XVI to retire because of health and old age.  Most people do not know though that he was a miracle worker and a major spiritual leader before being elected Pope.

Why St Celestine V

Pope Benedict XVI on February 10, 2013 made the announcement that he would retire from the Papacy due to declining health.   Many people will make themselves miserable trying to see the angles, politics and cunning behind such an unusual move made by the Vicar of Christ.  Some are declaring the Pope a humble Saint, others are condemning him as a coward.

Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

What we do know is this, while Pope Benedicts move is unusual he found a heavenly precedent to do it by looking at the life of St Celestine V, a holy Monk and Religious forced into the brutal Political life of the Church unexpectedly.If you were unaware when Pope Benedict visited this Saints tomb several years ago he took of his pallium and left it on top of his tomb.

If Pope Benedict XVI has found in St Celestine V an example worthy of imitation, a heavenly friend and intercessor then we should look to him now as well.

For this Audiobook we have used as our primary source The Lives of the Popes in the Middle Ages Volume 17, the section on St Celestine V. Written by  Msgr Horace Mann DD.  Alleluia Audio Books has edited the work, and may have change small portions of the language for clarity or for length sake. The Final version of the transcript is made available after the entire Audiobook is completed.

We hope that you will use this Audiobooks as a means to develop devotion to this great Saint, and that you might pray to him for our departed Pope Benedict XVI and for his successor Pope Francis.

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  1. A Boy Named Peter: St Celestine as a Youth, His early life as a Hermit and the Founding of the Brotherhood.
  2.  A Shepherd and Protector : St Celestine V a Loving Spiritual Father
  3.  You are Peter : Brother Peter becomes Pope Celestine V
  4. A Rough Start: The Regin of Pope St Celestine V 
  5. Politics as Usual: Securing Peace in Europe and the Conversion of a Sinner
  6. The Resignation of St Celestine V : His Resignation, Exhortations, and Humility
  7. St Celestine Runs away from Pope Boniface VIII
  8. The Holy Death of St Celestine

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