Short Catholic Homilies: Reverence for the Holy Name of God

Catholic Homily: Reverence for the Holy Name of God

Summary of Catholic Homily

In this homily we first consider that even wretched sinners keep up appearances with God by practicing one of two good things (like abstaining from meat on Friday) or avoiding some particular sin.  Even sinners are capable of avoiding blaspheming God in his most Holy Name.  Blaspheming is a very common sin and is visited with great punishment.IHS

No sin is so common as profanity in its various forms. Yet it shows a heart not only void of the fear of God, and of the love of God, but also, and worst of all, void of even reverence for God. A man who habitually curses is penetrated with defiance of the Divine Majesty. Holy Scripture says that he has put on cursing like a garment; that it has entered in unto his bones. In the old law a blasphemer was stoned to death. And in our own times God often anticipates the wrath to come by sending sudden death upon profane men. Transcipt


One of the things that we should consider also in concerning the Holy Name of God is what our correction action should be when someone else misuses the name.  When we consider that to intentionally misuse the Holy Name as a curse is a Grave  Sin deserving of eternal hell fire, we should have within us arise within us a reaction.  Whether that is fear of God, compassion for the punishment that the poor sinner will endure, sorrow for the sin that has offended God, or perhaps holy anger to see something as Holy and Exalted as the name of God misused should cause some sort of reaction.

If it does not then we should examine ourselves.  One of the causes perhaps of not having a reaction could be the fact that we are used to it.  We have heard his holy name not used with reverence in Films or music, perhaps even in common conversation with friends.  We should do our best to eliminate those things in our life the simulate this lack of fear for God, even if they are persons.  Can a person who regularly and indifferently uses the Holy Name as a curse be a good friend?

We must consider that fear of God is a gift of the Holy Ghost, which also means where there is no fear of God there is no real sanctity.

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