Short Catholic Homily: 4th Week of Advent The Fruit of Repentance

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Catholic Homily

Summary of Homily

True repentance of our sins is not something that is done once, but a work of a lifetime.  Through frequent confession and reception of Holy Communion we can conquer our habits of sin and live the life of grace.  To the sinner coming from a life of habitual sin, where all of his joys have come from illicit behavior it is no small and easy matter to repent.Confession

The penitent sinner has not all at once become an angel; his whole nature has been warped and twisted out of place by sin, and, though the guilt of the sin has gone, the effects are there; his soul, like a limb out of joint, has much to suffer before it can get set right again. Transcipt


Through one good confession we are restored to grace, but to truly have repented is to daily renew our sorrow for past sins.  In a sense we are never to forgive ourselves for our offenses to such a good God.  Sometimes there is this idea that we should forgive ourselves for our sins and move on.

Not if you wish to walk in the way of perfection dear Christian, St. Benedict the Great Patriarch of Monasticism says that we are to “daily in their prayers, with tears and sighs, to confess their past sins to God and to amend those sins for the future”[1]  St Theresa of Avila also says that “the more they receive from our God, the greater grows their sorrow for sin.”[2]

However, even though life is filled with tears and weeping if we truly love God and hate our sins, “they that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5)  It is not because of despair that we weep for our sins, but rather because God has filled in our hearts his love and we have come to know Good and Kind of a God we have offended.

May God Grant you true repentance, abundant tears, and everlasting joy!

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[1]St Benedict, The Rule of St Benedict, edited and translated by Abbot Justin McCann, London, 1952, chapter 4

[2] St Theresa of Avila, The Interior Castle, Sixth Mansion, Chapter 7.

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