Short Catholic Homily : 2nd Week of Advent Cowardly Catholics

Catholic Sermon

Summary of Homily

St John the Baptist was praised by Jesus Christ our Lord for not yielding to human respect and preaching the truth.  The homilist points out that if our Lord came back today he would not find this same virtue even among those who are considered “good Christians.”  Our salvation depends on bearing witness to Christ.

Reflection on Sermon

Cowardice is when fear or excessive self concern prevent someone from performing their duty.  It is a tragedy that many people would stand up for their favorite musician if they were called hacks, or would argue viciously if someone called their favorite movie cheesy, but will not stand up for God in his truth or speak out against evil when people transgress his laws.

For if one does not love God enough to offend bad men for his sake, how can he love him above all things? And if one does not love God above all things, how can he be saved? Transcipt

Many Catholics sometimes excuse themselves and say they are being prudent.   After all people are so sensitive and get absolutely nasty in our time.  Sometimes the best time to discuss a truth of the church is when defending it against an attack and we have to have faith that if God can speak through us and touch even the most hardened hearts.  Our Lord came not to brink peace but the sword (Matt 10:34) and if we defend his honor he will defend us; however, if we do not defend him or his law then he shall raise it in judgement against us and cast us into hell where all cowards go (Revelation 21:8).

Prayer to St John the Baptist to Overcome Human Respect

O UNCONQUERED martyr, who for the honor of God and the salvation of souls, didst, with heroic constancy, and at the cost of life itself, withstand the impious Herod, reproving him openly for his bad and dissolute life; obtain for us a brave and generous heart, so that, overcoming all human respect, we may boldly profess our faith, and follow the teaching of our divine master Jesus Christ.  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be [1]

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[1]The Raccolta; or Collection of Indulgenced Prayers & Good Works. London: Burns & Oates, 1910. pg 343.

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