Be Ye Wise as Serpents: A Spiritual Conference on the Virtue of Prudence

It is our duty as Christians to strive after perfection and to convert ourselves and others unto Jesus Christ!  The surest road to Heaven is the one that God has laid out for us in His plan of salvation.  All are called to keep the commandments, most are called to marriage, some to the priesthood and some to martyrdom.

Prudence is the Charioteer of the virtues.

If we go where God wants us to go then we will conquer by the Sign of the Cross and our enemies will flee before us. Since we fight under the banner of the Holy Cross we must seek to do not our own will, but that of the Father just as our Lord did when He mounted His wooden throne.  Our Lord Jesus Christ several times escaped the mob that sought to put Him to death because it was not yet His hour.  How do we determine if it is our hour or if we’re to flee?

We can know with the virtue of prudence.  “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” Matt 10:16.  Prudence is that beautiful virtue that helps us seek the best way of finding God’s will and carrying it out.  Without prudence, we are at best bold well intentioned fools, or at worst timid weaklings.

When we say prudence we do not mean the ways of craftiness or so called “street smarts.”    We mean choosing the best action that will help save our souls and give greater glory to God and carrying it out through whatever evil obstacles stand in our way.

Uploaded here is a conference given recently at a men’s group on the virtue of prudence, entitled Be Wise as Serpents. The speaker discusses the Catholic understanding of the virtue of prudence from the Catechism, traditional catholic moral and ascetical theology manuals and uses Holy Scripture to illustrate various points.  The conference on prudence also discusses what is perfect prudence, how to grow in prudence and points out various obstacles and evil tendencies against the virtue.

May our Lord Jesus Christ grant you the grace to be as wise as a serpent.

Total Length 15 minutes and 38 seconds

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