Prayer of St Francis Xavier: My God I Love Thee


Jesus, Increase Our Love For Thee!

Prayer attributed to St. Francis Xavier, S. J.

My God I love Thee! Not the crown of glory to attain. Nor do I love, my dearest Lord, Through servile fear of pain.  I see the nails, the lance, the cross. The lone Gethsemane, I see the scourge and thorny wreath and these were all for me!

Then shall I not reciprocate These proofs of love Divine?  O, by Thy wounds and precious blood Inflame this heart of mine. And may its mystic chords vibrate In holy monotone;

I long to love Thee Jesus, Lord, For Thy dear Self alone.

Translation by Enfant de Marie. 



Remarks:  Often times this prayer translated in a slightly different way.  This prayer has even been made into a hymn by several different composures.   The other translation is also often found in different Hand Missals.

[1] Pray Translation from  The Carmelite Review, 1902, Aspiration pg 140
[2] The Deposition Picture in the Public Domain : Edited by Alleluia Audio Books

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