Short Catholic Homiles Sunday in the Octave of Christmas: The Joy of Christmas

Catholic Homily Sunday in Octave of Christmas

Summary of HomilyChristChild

Christmas is the divine condescension to men and an invitation to Love God as he loves us.

It is the God of heaven condescending to us; taking our weakness upon him, sympathizing with us, and asking us for sympathy and love. He hides his majesty and glory; he veils the splendor of his face; he puts aside all that could distinguish him from ourselves. He invites us to come to him without fear; he asks only that, sinful though we be, we should try to love him as he loves us. Transcipt


In the Homily it is mentioned that at one time Christmas was outlawed in America.  Christmas was not made a national Holiday until the  1800’s because of the violent anti Catholic and to some degree anti English streak that America had at the time.  It should not be surprising though the hostility that Christians encounter each year in the celebration of this holy day in light of what the psalmist says

They have set fire to thy sanctuary: they have defiled the dwelling place of thy name on the earth.
They said in their heart, the whole kindred of them together: Let us abolish all the festival days of God from the land.
Our signs we have not seen, there is now no prophet: and he will know us no more.
How long, O God, shall the enemy reproach: is the adversary to provoke thy name for ever? Psalm 74 7-10

No matter how many lies people tell to themselves, or how much pop culture tries to pervert the true meaning of Christmas each year people are faced with the reality in the Western World of Christmas.  Who can say on judgement day in America that they did not know of Jesus Christ?  Who has not asked that question why do we celebrate Christmas, who was Jesus Christ, and if he claimed to be God was he in fact God?

The enemy knows this as well, and wishes to stamp out the name of Jesus forever, as long as birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated each year all men in the west are invited to come to him, to adore and to seek salvation.

Merry Christmas!

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